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LSESU RAG Jailbreak Team Dora the Explorers LSESU RAG
LSESU RAG Jailbreak Team Dora the Explorers
LSESU RAG Jailbreak Team Dora the Explorers
LSESU RAG Jailbreak Team Dora the Explorers

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343 days ago, Shivani created this page and gave everything for LSESU RAG:

  • Shared their page with everyone they could.

  • Received 17 donations from generous family and friends.

  • Raised £281.53.

My Story

Hey everyone!

We are a team of 3 first year students at LSE and wanted to tell you about a challenge we will be undertaking on February 16th-17th for a fantastic charity, 'Teach A Man To Fish'. The event is known as 'Jailbreak', and the challenge is to get as far away as possible from LSE in 36 hours, all with no money! Previous winners have made it as far as Thailand and Belarus, with various transportation methods being used, including ferries across the English Channel and private jets to exotic destinations.

'Teach a Man to Fish' helps schools in developing countries create student-led businesses with the aim of empowering students to become job creators rather than seekers. The businesses they create are fully functional, educational and profitable. These programmes are surprisingly cost effective too, demonstrating how a small amount of money can go a long way. For example, £50 has the power to transform 16 young lives, as this is enough to enrol them in one of the charity's entrepreneurship programmes.

Attending one of the top universities in the UK is an immense privilege, and we feel strongly that education is the greatest solution for social mobility. Whilst monetary donations to other charities facilitate short-term improvements in quality of life, education is empowering in that it makes its receivers self-sufficient, which is hugely beneficial in the long run. We truly believe that small actions can yield the biggest impact, as long as everyone takes part. We hope that at least some of our beliefs resonate with you and encourage you to help us by donating as much as you can by clicking the ‘give now’ button. Also, please spread the word about LSESU RAG by sharing this page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity, it means a lot!

We will be constantly updating our whereabouts during the 36 hours so please keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook pages. It will definitely be an entertaining journey for you to watch!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Shivani, Archita and Tanya

Thank You

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LSESU RAG Jailbreak!

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