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Bez, Chaz and Li: Jailbreak 2019 LSESU RAG
Bez, Chaz and Li: Jailbreak 2019
Bez, Chaz and Li: Jailbreak 2019
Bez, Chaz and Li: Jailbreak 2019

LiLi's page has now expired

351 days ago, LiLi created this page and gave everything for LSESU RAG:

  • Shared their page with everyone they could.

  • Received 24 donations from generous family and friends.

  • Raised £352.42.

My Story

Liam, Ben and Charlotte are taking part in the LSE Jailbreak Challenge. We have to get as far away from LSE in 36 hours without using any of our own money. Whilst travelling we will try to collect money for the charity Teach a Man to Fish, helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds to become successful professionals! We are hoping you can help us to do so! Even a small donation will be of a great help (literally anything)!! Many thanks
ps if you donate a notable amount (£5+) we are happy to take costume requests!!!

Thank You

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LSESU RAG Jailbreak!

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